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The Love One
Monday, 7 October 2013 | 0 Comments

Assalamualaikum~ sihat semua. Saya di sini akan menaip dalam bahasa English so belajar la kalo faham ye...

What should I do?? She is the only girl that can make my heartbeat rise.. I even confess what should I do now?? I can't forget about her easily because it will be difficult for me to stop thinking about her... She can make me smile just looking her photo... She just didn't think that I really serious about my feeling for her... I hate when she think what I say is a joke... It's good that she can joke around but can she at least when it come about feeling just be serious sometime... Because if she doesn't take it seriously  maybe she can break my heart...

I always remind you that take something serious for awhile even it just a small conversation... It really make my head goes wild... Just don't joke around when it come from the heart... You just need to accept it or refuse only or just say that you still not ready yet... Don't gave any excuses because I will think that you running away from the question... Don't make me a toy that you can play then after you're bored you just threw  it away, that what I hate the most... Please just listen what i say... i hope this I type with all my heart will reach to you. I know that I not that very close to you... Even we live in different region...

Huuuhhh~ Penat nye fikir... haha~ okay la sampai di sini sahaja saya menaip...

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